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LEMSUPER - Light element molecular superconductivity: an interdisciplinary approach

This project will develop methodology for the design of light element (B, C, O) cluster/molecule-based superconducting systems with higher transition temperatures. This will be achieved by integrating chemical synthesis of new materials with physical control of electron density and delocalisation underpinned by theoretical understanding benchmarked against evidence from advanced spectroscopies and electronic property measurements to provide a unique multidisciplinary training environment.The consortium brings together ten world-leading EU/Japan groups in chemical design/materials synthesis (Liverpool/Okayama/Mainz/Aoyama Gakuin), physical control methods at extreme pressures/high electric fields (Osaka/Tokyo),

evaluation of structural and electronic properties (Durham/Ljubljana) and theory and simulation (Trieste/Tokyo). The discovery of light element molecular superconductors with figures-of-merit needed for applications is a grand challenge requiring the fundamental research proposed here to identify proof-of-concept materials and scientific understanding.

The project is financially supported by EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and "Japan Science and Technology Agency".



Latest news [Archive]

10/21/2014 Jahn Teller orbital glass state The low temperature electronic structure of the magnetic Mott-insulating state of Cs3C60 emerges as that of a JT orbital glass. More
09/15/2014 Ushimado Workshop Ushimado International Workshop on Physics and Chemistry of Novel Superconductors and Related Materials 8 – 10 November 2014 More

Open positions

LEMSUPER consortium invites you to join our team. Please check for available positions or contact us directly. More
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